Kathryn Klauber’s Demonstration and Talk on Counterproof

January, 2012


Kathryn Klauber presents the Saturday, January 14 program with a counterproof demonstration and talk. Counterproof is a technique that produces the finest quality copperplate printing.


Art historian, presenter and studio artist,  Kathryn combines a global knowledge of art history with the eye of an artist. She is an instructor of art and teaches art history at the Rice Glasscock School.


Kathryn holds a MEd in Art Education with a specialization in Art Museum Studies from the University of Houston and a BFA in Art Education at the University of Texas, Austin.


Historically, counterproof was reserved for an artist’s wealthiest or most influential patrons. After the fresh print is pulled, another piece of paper is immediately placed across its surface. This results in a print with delicate lines, oriented to the same direction as the original drawing or watercolor and with the final image lacking the beveled impression left by a plate edge.


Program Venue: Art Supply on Main, 2711 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002