I joined VAA because of the great opportunities and events they offer yearly.  I am excited about being a member to share my artwork with the Houston community. 

Campos, Cecilia

VAA is offering a wealth of information on art activities and events that I’m hoping to join.

Porter, Olga

I first heard from VAA through Heidi Vaughan, while chatting at her fine art gallery. I am interested in connecting with Houston’s artistic scene and VAA is the right place and platform to meet people and promote your art.

Meyer, JL

The personal nature of creating art can be isolating and solitary. Being a member of VAA is a fantastic way for working artists to build community around our common purpose and practice.

Hilley, Joy

I joined VAA because of its long history in the community and how it helps artists. VAA provides a positive and learning environment full of artistic opportunity.

Florence, Michelle

I recently joined VAA as I have friends who are members.  I’m in the process of ramping up my exposure as an artist.  I believe VAA can help me do that.  I just entered the next VAA show and look forward to the outcome, whatever that may be.

Salter, Susan L.