Through membership with the VAA, I am invested in furthering my professional practice by acquiring further experience, exposure, and sales. Additionally, I am interested in sowing relationships with artists, curators, and collectors that may help enrich myself and my work.

Chandler, Grayson

Participating with the Visual Arts Alliance has been an enriching experience both for my personal and professional life.  During VAA’s 6th Juried Invitational Exhibition I took a large step in my career as plastic artist in the United Stated, not only did I learn about the behind the scenes of […]

Guerra, Neisa

I am very happy to be part of the VAA community. I will be able to communicate and have the opportunity to meet other artists and share experience and knowledge. Being part of VAA gives me the chance to participate in different exhibitions and show my work. 

Albin, Alessandra

I joined VAA to find opportunities to show my artwork and to interact with visual art lovers in Texas.


I am excited to be a new member of the VAA. I hope the art community will provide an opportunity to expand my art in the Metro Houston area.

Loyd, Ron

Reclusive by nature, working alone in a visual language but striving for artistic and meaningful growth, it’s wonderful to have VAA as a reference point to gage ones own product against and to see other artist’s works and to find like minded artists. It helps me feel like a part […]

Edmundson, Ariane