Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) is an educational organization for serious practitioners of the visual arts and interested members of the general public. Founded in Houston, TX in 1981, VAA is an all volunteer-run, 501(c)3, non-profit organization.

VAA produces professionally juried art exhibitions providing opportunities for members and non-members to have their work professionally judged and viewed by the general public. VAA also organizes educational programs including studio, gallery and museum tours in addition to presentations of art-related resources. Recreational programs provide creative and supportive events beneficial to artists. We welcome everyone and their life experiences. Art is universal, and VAA is for all.

Partners / Sponsors

Established in 1976, Archway Gallery is Houston’s oldest artist-owned gallery. 
Archway features the work of over 30 local artists with monthly opening receptions, music recitals, figure drawing sessions, poetry readings and other cultural events. 
Archway Gallery hosts an annual juried exhibition open to artists in the Houston region and which sponsors a local charity with funds raised from art sales. 
2305 Dunlavy Street, Houston, Texas 77006
Visit Archway Gallery for more information.

Radius Books is a non-profit publishing company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 
Radius Books encourages, promotes, and publishes books of artistic and cultural value for a wide audience. It is their firm belief that the arts are vital to our nation and our culture’s future. Through their education and outreach programs, Radius promotes an ongoing dialogue among writers, thinkers, and artists. Over the past ten years, through the Library Donation Program, they have donated over 40,000 art books to underfunded libraries, schools, and community centers nationwide.