Talk with Trenton Doyle Hancock

On February 7, 2017, fifty lucky VAA members and guests were at Lester Marks’ home for
a talk by Trenton Doyle Hancock, the recipient of the 2017 Artist of the Year Award
from the Art League of Houston. Lester welcomed us to his art filled home and
introduced Trenton, who he has known since Trenton was a Core Fellow at Glassell where
Lester was lucky to be chosen to be his sponsor and friend. Lester owns about eight of
Trent’s pieces including a large piece currently on loan to an exhibit of Hancock’s
work at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

Trenton discussed how he became an artist and what keeps him interested. He
has been creating since he was three years old and created his comic creation Torpedo by
age 10. He likes telling stories in his art and has a one to one relationship with his
creature creations. He also has an intense interest in the history of art making. He
said the performative aspects of his life and art are unified in his artwork. He
believes art needs to be experienced in person where the viewer is not just a viewer
but a participant in the conversation.

It was a unique experience to meet and talk with Trent, who is down to earth and
personable when describing his life and his art. A true benefit of membership in the
Visual Arts Alliance.