Member Portfolios The beauty of the Texas landscape has a unique language.  I want to provide the viewer an opportunity to enjoy a respite from the frantic pace of urban life by inviting them to experience nature through my eyes. VAA assumes no responsibility for the content of this artist's webpage. […]

Syzdek, Gwen Born in Budapest, Hungary, Erika is a self-taught artist who has been painting since March 2019. She has been a Texan for several years .Erika communicates that she is most ‘herself’ when she paints, being genuine in mind and heart. Her creation process is a kind of ‘meditation’ […]

Korozsi, Erika Fascinated by the intrinsic order and beauty of nature, Grayson’s work attempts to capture and abstract its character in a manner that is uncanny, yet familiar. Deeply curious about the forces that govern human reason and faith, his work probes the amphibious network linking logic, intuition, consciousness, and […]

Chandler, Grayson I associate art with liberty. Whenever I start a new piece, whether it be a painting or a sculpture, I am transported to my own personal safe space, where I never wish to leave. My art started when I was a little girl, it was a moment of […]

Guerra, Neisa My family line comes from many different places and cultures: Italy, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia. I was born in Mexico and I moved to Houston a long time ago.  Fragments of all these places made the culture I have.   Fragments.     What I am is what you […]

Albin, Alessandra I was born in Japan and am now based in Houston. My interest is especially toward the moments when people feel something strange, mysterious, or wondering in their daily life. I’m now collecting such stories of the local people and translate them into fictitious landscapes. VAA assumes no responsibility […]