Member Portfolios His compositions bring the queer brown experience to the forefront and references the rich history of Latin American art as well as artists who have explored queer themes in their art. His work is characterized by elongated, cubist figures rendered in highly saturated color palettes. The paintings summon […]

Pérez, Hugo I can only guess is that my creating visual works expresses my search. The path I have walked, or the evolution of my spiritual understandings, or how I wish my world existed on the outside, or I have this talent and it shouldn’t be wasted. VAA assumes no […]

Woodard, Scott My literal engineering mind makes creating art exceedingly frustrating for me at times. But occasionally creating art can be magical when my ego recedes and the unexpected happens. I keep doing art to have more of these “flow” moments.  My only formal training consists of several design and drawing […]

Hunter, Bill Bayda-Benua The door is open, please come in My home is for all who travel. (Maximilian Voloshin)   Art is the road that leads us to the gate, which opened wide – or  even a little – allows us   to peer into the very depths of the […]

Bayda Benois, Gregory The world around me as I see it with my vision is nothing but reflection. Wisdom comes from reflection, which makes you dive within. Reflections are everywhere. In many ways, they are not only visual connection but it reflects the society. In fact, the power of reflections can be […]

Khowaja, Urooj P.M. Neist is a contemporary embroiderer and textile artist based in Houston, Texas.   Rooted in the handmade traditions of a French heritage, Neist’s work seeks to redefine embroidery through the re-appropriation and interpretation of vintage objects, textiles, and images. Using text, digital collage, drawing, and embroidery Neist […]