Member Portfolios Kevo is from Houston, Texas and holds an MFA degree. His art ranges from painting to theater production, highlighting racial dynamics and human experiences. He is the director of a non profit for arts, Kevo Arts Studios, and teaches at a college, with over 10 years of experience […]

Kevo As our world continues to be rooted in the developments of man, nature seems to be losing its dominance. Struggles for power and balance have always existed, but this paradox has intensified quickly in recent history. Overdevelopment and technology is on an ever expanding pathway that perhaps mirrors […]

Strain, David James My paintings begin with only a simple idea, and are painted over an extended period of time to allow the image to unfold. There are multiple layers of paint, meaning and symbolism.   The use of gold in each painting is a nod to early church icon paintings* […]

Carroll, L.A. Christina Macal is a multimedia artist living and working in Houston. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2011. Professionally she utilizes her attention to detail and has worked in the archives field, where she photographed many significant […]

Macal, Christina April DeConick is an abstract expressionist  who creates contemporary art textiles.  As improvisional artist, I create organically. I use the power of color and texture to explore spontaneity, unconventionality, and boldness as practices of truth-telling, transformation, and transcendence. My free stitches and bright colors express vitality, exuberance, and […]

DeConick, April I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1976 with a degree in Visual Communications  In 1979 I moved to Houston to take a job as a graphic designer at MD Anderson Cancer Center.   In 1985 my wife, our son and I moved to Tokyo, Japan for […]

Flasik, Jeff