Member Portfolios I was born in Japan and am now based in Houston. My interest is especially toward the moments when people feel something strange, mysterious, or wondering in their daily life. I’m now collecting such stories of the local people and translate them into fictitious landscapes. VAA assumes no responsibility […]

Mai Ron Loyd has a BFA and MFA in Painting and Ceramics from Texas Tech University. He has studied Animation at the School for Visual Arts and Film Studies at New York University, New York, NY.   As an educator, he taught numerous Fine Arts programs in the Washington […]

Loyd, Ron Immediately successful as a portrait artist upon moving to Houston in 1999, I soon found myself needing to “grow”, or “move forward” in my art. I’ve always been interested in abstract/expressionistic art and derived a way to use abstraction in my work habit in order to loosen up […]

Edmundson, Ariane Donna Carnahan, international photographer from Houston, Texas, specializes in Italian landscape photography.  Since 2015, gaining inspiration from her love of Renaissance art in Florence, she has traveled extensively throughout 10+ regions of Italy. She has a passion for travel to remote and little known places where she photographically […]

Carnahan, Donna You know when you have done something long enough that it had become muscle memory?  My drawings of women and horses are so big that their creation engages my entire body and the shapes and lines have become so familiar that they’re more of a meditational dance for […]

Monterroso, Gabriela I am a narrative painter and I tell stories with my art.  I try to create a re-imagined reality through allegory and trans-formative narrative. In our dreams, metaphor and symbol are a universal language.  Through the process of dreaming we can contextualize seemingly incongruous events, imply meaning and […]

Reed, William