Member Portfolios Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone will not see the same thing someone else will see when looking at the same work of art. Hi my name is Mikaihla Howe and I am a visual artist from Queens, Ny. When I was younger I had […]

Howe, Mikaihla Artist’s Statement I love mysteries. Even though I work in a very practical world, I look for the subtle mysteries surrounding my environment that will make it a little more interesting. The way I’m guided, spiritually as well as realistically, in all my work is through the vision […]

Curtis, Dianne Sing symbols from popular culture such as Superman and Barbie, I take a tongue in cheek look at gender and age related stereotypes. Wonder Woman isn’t young and curvy. The body of a football player sports the head of a mild manner lamb. I also paint antiheroes, forgotten […]

Schaer, A. M. My work is painting, collecting, scavenging and meditating; bringing fragments of everyday life, in thought and physical form, together to create a unified whole. I am currently working with  heavy elements of collage in my recent 2D and 3D work. When I am scavenging and collecting, I gravitate toward […]

Toombs, Rachel His compositions bring the queer brown experience to the forefront and references the rich history of Latin American art as well as artists who have explored queer themes in their art. His work is characterized by elongated, cubist figures rendered in highly saturated color palettes. The paintings summon […]

PĂ©rez, Hugo I can only guess is that my creating visual works expresses my search. The path I have walked, or the evolution of my spiritual understandings, or how I wish my world existed on the outside, or I have this talent and it shouldn’t be wasted. VAA assumes no […]

Woodard, Scott