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  • Sat

    Tour the exhibition “The Sleep of Reason/The Fragmented Figure”

    11:00 am1502 Sawyer Street, Houston, Texas 77007

    Tour the exhibition “The Sleep of Reason/The Fragmented Figure” organized by Sculpture Month Houston. This will be a tour of the exhibit given by Volker Eisele who will present a discussion about the sometimes provocative concepts of the modern figure and a look at the historical figure presentation.

    It is located at The Silos at Sawyer Yards, an old rice silo turned art space that provides a true challenge to artists, but provides a dramatic background to any installation art.

    Sculpture Month Houston was founded in 2016 as a forum for sculpture and installation art mainly for Houston and Texas artists. Organized as a yearly festival, the main exhibitions take place at “The Silos at Sawyer Yards”, an agro-industrial relic turned into dramatic art spaces. 

    The current exhibition is the seventh “Silo” exhibit and is titled “The Sleep of Reason/The Fragmented Figure”. Every time and period has its own special image of the human figure aka the Venus of Milo or the David by Michelangelo. Then at the outset of Modernism, Cubism radically changed the perception of the figure. The de-constructed, fragmented and subsequently re-constructed figure became the ubiquitous symbol of the modern human condition.

    The 17 artists in this exhibition provide the viewer with a wide spectrum of viewpoints as they formulate visual metaphors that make this new presentation and reality emotionally accessible. All artists are Houston and Texas based and the concept of this exhibition is not so much a methodical survey as an exploration of trends and trajectories.

    The participating artists include Frances Bagley, Rabea Ballin, Jimmy Canales, Elizabeth Chapin, Colette Copeland, Jeff Gibbons, Suguru Hiraide, Allison Hunter, Jessica Kreutter, Yuliya Lanina, Jesse Lott, Nadin Nassar, Steve Parker, Kris Pierce, Hugo Santana, Sarah Sudhoff, James Sullivan.