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  • Sat

    An Intimate Studio Tour with Dandee Warhol

    11:00 amDandee Warhol Studio
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    Artist Dandee Warhol sits on a stool in front of a large canvas featuring a giraffe's head against a yellow and green argyle pattern Join VAA for an intimate studio tour with Dandee Warhol, contemporary pop artist, as he prepares for the War'hous Astroworld Art Show later in the month.

    The tour will be limited to 20 participants. RSVP to for further instructions.

    Philippines native Dandee Danao, better known by his eponym Dandee Warhol, is a distinguished figure in the contemporary Houston art circuit. Valued for his distinctive aesthetic, Danao is also recognized as a dynamic collaborator, curator, and visionary. His work can be likened to that of his namesake, Andy Warhol, because of its ironic use of popular media as subject.

    “As a pop artist, I draw my inspirations from current trends in the world around me,” says Danao, “and that may come from other artists I admire or the fashion that I'm into, and even things I see on screen and social media. Inspirations have always surrounded me, I just have to choose and pick what I want to use.”

    Danao is self-taught and colorblind, two idiosyncrasies that grant his style definition. Many of his pieces are characterized by meticulously designed geometric patterns. He works chiefly with acrylic on canvas. His style exhibits purity of lines, undetectable brushstrokes and arrangement of contrasting colors.

    Danao founded War’Hous Visual Studios, an art space and assemblage of creative talent providing services including art consultation, design, and curation. Working through the studio, he demonstrats an avid commitment to the local and underground art community by coordinating eclectic shows and showcasing the city’s emerging talents. The upcoming Astroworld Art Show opens November 26 for an exclusive preview.

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