Torgersen, Lula


Lula Torgersen is a visual artist who was raised overseas and lives in Houston for the last 10 years. Art has always been an important part of her life. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and being raised by her artist parents, she learned at an early age to explore and express emotions through the use of varieties of media and materials. She has a bachelor degree in Communications, with specialization in Public Relations, but has started her professional career as a graphic designer. The background on commercial art, allows her to develop ideas by manipulating digital images on Photoshop. When she pieces together fragmented images from memories, formed by moments half observed and then forgotten, she reaches a familiar place where she explores an ambiguous shifting space. Glass becomes the sort of medium chosen where she applies these prospects. In 2007, Lula Torgersen started her art business LULART. Since then, Lula’s energy is devoted to working with glass in recognizing its beauty, multidimensional qualities and allowing the materials to dictate design. The evolution of her work is to allow the glass to free itself into its natural liquid state, directing its flow, and then freezing that shape.

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