Baugh, Charleen

I’m a native Houstonian, self-taught in photography. I’ve been capturing the beauty and elements of nature 25 years and still love all nature offers. The special moments one shares with nature cannot be found anywhere else and are unique to each individual.

I am drawn to the vibrant colors and art of nature. Included in my work are expressive waterscapes, landscapes, abstracts from nature and moments of wildlife interaction. My artistic vision leads me to explore images found within the “big picture” by observing detail which might be overlooked – a flow or combination of colors, one tree that stands out from the forest, or a play of light upon a subject. Nature never ceases to provide unique opportunities for one paying attention. I strive to capture not only the beauty, but the emotion and feel of nature in my images, in hopes the viewer will find within them a moment of escape to enjoy the embrace of nature.

As I evolve in the process of what my art is and will be, I’m creating one of a kind mixed media pieces inspired by and incorporating my nature images, as well as fine art open and limited edition prints.

CharleenBaughVTFF88BPReedsinBlue&YellowOpenEdPhotographCharleenBaughAfricanIrisMixedMediaCharleenBaughFoggyField&BluebonnetsOpenEdPhotographyCharleen Baugh No Photo YetBaughCharleenReflectionsTreeTunksInPink8985LimitedEdPhotograph

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