Hines, Jimmy



I have recently discovered a love for surface design and pattern making. This love comes from my delight when uncovering what happens when I pair and repeat visual objects together to produce a whole new visual object from a single one. To achieve this task, I record, edit and expand photographic images into patterns and watch the new designs unfold before me. I have been taking pictures as long as I can remember and drawing shapes too, so these new designs have been evolving for awhile. My time has come to be prolific and embrace producing digital collages.

My professional career began in visual communications, graphic design and photojournalism producing magazines and newspapers. Now my path has moved into digital marketing while leaning into fine arts, gallery spaces and surface design. Scholastically, I hold a Bachelor degree in Studio Art and Sociology from Ball State University and an Associates in Arts degree from Houston Community College where I have also taught design and digital arts classes.


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