Eisele, Karen

portrait sized


I have always been drawn to the arts but only over the last 15 years have I had the opportunity to explore this part of myself freely. After obtaining a Masters in Architecture, my family moved to Brazil and Venezuela which opened up new opportunities for me.  The most notable was attending Las Artes del Fuego in Caracas, studying glass fusion under the direction of Candido Millan. Back in the states, I have been blessed to take classes at Glassell, the fine arts school of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. My focus has been oil painting and ceramics.

My current paintings are abstractions with organic qualities.  I am continually trying to push myself towards more complexity in my work. Because of my training in architecture, glass and clay, I strive to bring pattern, detail, a strong sense of space and form, transparency and light to my work. In addition, I have been painting traditional religious icons, studying for years under both Greek Byzantine and Russian masters. Not only is it a very spiritual and prayerful endeavor, but I feel honored to learn the techniques that were established centuries ago and be a part of keeping them alive.

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