Meyer, JL

“Sculpture is like drawing in the air. You start with a couple of pieces and study how they connect to each other and grow from the ground, like trees in nature.”  “My work explores the way light interacts with volumes and creates a contrast in the material. I seek for the hollow spaces and gaps to transmit a sense of lightness, sculptures suspended in space.”  JL Meyer (1981) has a master’s degree in industrial design from TU-München in Germany and a background in mechanical engineering. He has collaborated with architects, worked with designers, produced jewelry and furniture collections, yet his true passion lies in abstract sculpture. His work focuses on material and form experimentation, creating playful, balanced and clear lined sculptures that sometimes undergo hi-tech processes or the material itself comes from an industrial supply, yet they are all handmade.  His first sculpture series “esCOOLtura” was presented at The Nasher Sculpture Center Store in Dallas in 2009 and invited the public to use their imagination to create individual compositions. Now, JL Meyer creates unique minimalistic pieces for contemporary art galleries and private clients internationally.

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