Salter, Susan L.

‘The way of an artist is a meandering path.’ This statement is a definition of my life and art. I have ‘meandered’ through many lives and life experiences. I began my life as a creative and have remained so, learning to listen to my life. It certainly didn’t happen all at once. Becoming human is a process, sometimes a painful one. Trying to find myself through my art took me though many mediums. I found encaustic through reading a magazine article about two encaustic artists in the Houston area.  Even in print, the texture and luminosity of their work was evident.  Encaustic at the time was not a well know medium or practiced by many artists in my area.  It was difficult to find instruction, but through perseverance and the internet, I found the teachers I needed.  I landed on encaustic because of my voracious appetite for mystery and the wax always surprises me. No matter how I try to manipulate it, the wax moves where it will move. This is a life metaphor for me. The universe will always surprise me as I meander on this journey through time, this sacred journey.

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