Reed, William

I am a narrative painter and I tell stories with my art.  I try to create a re-imagined reality through allegory and trans-formative narrative. In our dreams, metaphor and symbol are a universal language.  Through the process of dreaming we can contextualize seemingly incongruous events, imply meaning and help us understand our own story. I acknowledge the richly magical and mystical quality of our unconscious mind and endorse the use of dream-like metaphor and symbolism in my work, which is unrestricted by time and space, people or places to engage in storytelling through narrative painting. Combining these basic principles with an often-healthy dose of humor, use of anachronism and appropriation, I create for myself a full and potent tool chest from which to work. When I remain open to participate in wakeful dreaming, unhindered by traditional boundaries, the work may rise to a level of unspoken but universal understanding.

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