Howe, Mikaihla

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone will not see the same thing someone else will see when looking at the same work of art. Hi my name is Mikaihla Howe and I am a visual artist from Queens, Ny. When I was younger I had a couple hobbies like dancing, tennis and karate. However when I was home I would always find myself drawing or making comics. I had neglected art for many years of my life then fell back in love with it my junior year of high school. Now I mostly use acrylic and watercolor paint on canvases/ watercolor or mixed media paper.  I like to make paintings that express my emotion at that time as much as possible, or to show the viewer what vibes my subconscious heart and mind are trying to express. A while after I painted the third painting, “In My Room” I started to see and feel a mix of vulnerability, stillness and uncertainty from the painting that I never felt before. I appreciated it way more because I connected to parts of it more than just the piece as a whole. While creating it I just let myself flow. To come to terms with how it made me feel later on felt like finding the last piece in a puzzle.  My inspiration comes from a lot of the cartoons I watch, like Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, The Amazing World of Gumball etc. I enjoy cartoons, a lot now as a 19 year old because there was a time when I had neglected them because  I thought I was too mature for cartoons, but now since I’ve gone back to enjoying them I realize they help me live life in a less serious manner, and not overthink as much.

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