Bayda Benois, Gregory

Bayda-Benua The door is open, please come in My home is for all who travel. (Maximilian Voloshin)   Art is the road that leads us to the gate, which opened wide – or  even a little – allows us   to peer into the very depths of the human soul. This lets us decipher secrets, otherwise   incomprehensible , hence the mysteries of nature. And we can then express that through   creativity. This gift is not given to all, only to the chosen ones. Only the latter , only   justly be called true artists .Gregory Joseph Bayda-Benua is one of these.   This is a remarkable artist with an all- penetrating curiosity, equally talented in   everything he tries his hand at. A painter, An Sculptor, a restorer , a decorator endowed with a wild imagination… and   before that a professional singer and a cinematographer – – “ the butcher, the baker,   and the candlestick maker.” Everything he does is filled with original and provocative.   One gets the sense that he is bound for this by the very names he inherited from his   famous ancestors.   Historical associations  come to  the mind,  when we hear two elements of that double   name. You sure have heard the name of Alexander Benois, a son and a brother of famous   architects. He was one of the founders of the creative union Mir Iskusstva [“Art World”]   A Writer, literary and art critic, the decorator of Diaghilev’s renowned ballet   “Russian Seasons “ in Paris.

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