P.M. Neist is a contemporary embroiderer and textile artist based in Houston, Texas.   Rooted in the handmade traditions of a French heritage, Neist’s work seeks to redefine embroidery through the re-appropriation and interpretation of vintage objects, textiles, and images. Using text, digital collage, drawing, and embroidery Neist produces two and three-dimensional works that are universal in their emotions but deeply intimate in their craftsmanship.   An immigrant, contrarian, and truth-seeker, Neist favors the underdog and delights in the mistake. Her mark-making denies the straight line. Her colors refuse to conform. Her characters insist on telling it like it is. For Neist, the needle is resistance and resistance is what weaves the fabric of life.  Born and raised in Dunkirk, France, Neist obtained her graduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and completed post-graduate coursework at Rice University.   In addition to her art, Neist maintains corporate ties and is involved in multiple community engagement initiatives.

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