Eisenberg, Marc



My assemblages explore the possibilities of combining worlds, saving lives and changing intentions.  Vintage, replica or just old guns receive a transformation with a dressing of technology—both old and new. In essence, turning swords into plow- shares—changing destruction into contribution.  The curving shape and sensual beauty of a brass horn still exists even after it falls from the stage. The well-worn guitar retains its grace long after the earthly life of the instrument. The instrument is resurrected with an infusion of love of an artist and the logic of nuts and bolts and gears and circuit boards.  No working instruments are harmed in the making of these imaginative works of art. I scour estate sales, family attics, junk stores and the local thrift stores for parts and inspiration.  There is no end of life for the broken and bruised that find their way into my hands. And the resulting assemblages represent unique, new personalities, well-equipped to embrace their new future.

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