12th Juried Invitational Exhibition – Installation

Today was the installation of the 12th Juried Invitational Exhibition. (This is the 80th juried exhibition produced by VAA since 1981.) Only VAA volunteers are invited to participate in the “Invitational” exhibitions and 46 participated this time. We hired Catherine Anspon, Executive Editor, Visual Arts + Features for PaperCity magazine, to act as juror.

Artists arrived at 9 a.m. with their artworks, Ms. Anspon, made selections at 10 a.m. and installation began at noon. Of the 226 artworks submitted, 70 were selected. by 3:30 p.m. the entire exhibit was installed including signage and wall tags!

The reception is Wednesday, August 9, 6-8 p.m. with the awards presentation happening at 7 p.m.

A couple video clips: Matt’s putting up a signErik is happy to be in the show

Juror Statement:

On Identity, the Environment, Technology and Alienation, Raiding Art History, and Houston’s Foodways: VAA 12th Juried Invitational Exhibition

 Welcome! Five themes emerge among the 227 artwork submissions by 47 talents for the “Visual Arts Alliance 12th Invitational Exhibition.” Among the 71 final selections — ranging across media (painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, and textiles) — the works juried serve as a dynamic mirror to the state of the art in Houston, as well as concerns at this moment in time on the American and international stage.

Portraits predominate, individual and collective, the personal and metamorphic. Issues of self and identity highlight ideas of race, age, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, underscoring topics of diversity, human rights, refugees and immigration, and also the concept of triumphantly claiming one’s own power and heritage. Works bearing images addressing technology and human alienation offer a subtext to the theme of identity.

The environment — landscape, flora and fauna, the city, the cosmos — also stands out as to content in the submissions.

There are other inclusions that liberally raid art history with aplomb — stellar examples of Pop, Surrealism, Dada, assemblage, expressionism, and photorealism add to the energy of this exhibition.

Finally, the 12th Juried Invitational finishes with a flourish with the subject of foodways, including an ode to one of Houston’s celebrated croissant-and-coffee stops. The finale reminds us that our visual and culinary arts are two of the most exciting — and community bridging — phenomena in our diverse metropolis’ creative scene.