Warren, Kemberly




I am inspired by Primitive Figures of the past and find they resonate with something in me as if they reach across time and speak to the unconscious in each of us.    Dolls, totems, drawings, masks and carvings each tell their own story, but also tell the story of the culture of the time.  I wished to make my own version of a primitive figure that expresses a sense of our modern culture.  Trash reveals a great deal about society – what it values and what it discards.  The found objects I work with were all used and discarded or lost by someone.  Each object has its own history prior to me finding it.  The shapes and texturs work together to create an impression of bones or artifacts from modern life.

marlow warren_entry4_emma-jpg detritus-rabbit warren-entry-olivia-jpg warren_entry1_eleanor-1-1


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