The personal nature of creating art can be isolating and solitary. Being a member of VAA is a fantastic way for working artists to build community around our common purpose and practice.

Hilley, Joy

I joined VAA because of its long history in the community and how it helps artists. VAA provides a positive and learning environment full of artistic opportunity.

Florence, Michelle

I recently joined VAA as I have friends who are members.  I’m in the process of ramping up my exposure as an artist.  I believe VAA can help me do that.  I just entered the next VAA show and look forward to the outcome, whatever that may be.

Salter, Susan L.

I heard about VAA several years ago but did not have the time to devote to being a part of it.  Now I look forward to the programs and learning more about the business side of being an artist.  I look forward to the meetings and getting to know others.

Beyer, Shirley

I have recently joined VAA, and am excited to see what opportunities may arise.

Luna, Lauren

I joined VAA in order to advance my career. I’m looking forward to their programming and participating in their juried shows.

Hernandez, Maria