I enjoy the monthly critiques and weekly artist check-ins. The fact that we have been able to go virtual with these has been a real sanity keeper for me.  I also appreciate being able to earn opportunities to enter shows by volunteering.

Schaer, A. M.

I received my studio art and art history degree from the University of Houston in 2009. I planned to carry my education forward however life has other ideas and I became pregnant with my first born. This quickly took me away from my practice. With my children older now, I […]

Toombs, Rachel

My first major art sale was a result of a group show through VAA.

Pérez, Hugo

I was attracted by the variety of events/offerings VAA offers. It also gives me a chance to meet other artists, collectors and others interested in Houston’s art scene.

Woodard, Scott

I joined VAA to learn from other more experienced artists and to socialize with others who I might share interests. My friend Melody Locke also strongly suggested I join and I trust her opinion.  

Hunter, Bill

I   became a member of VAA, in order  to promote my  Art to  public.  And be Known to the   World.

Bayda Benois, Gregory