Tour of Armando Rodriguez’s Studio

Armando Rodriguez graciously opened his art studio for Visual Arts Alliance members and guests on July 9, 2016. “Studio” seems too simple of a term to describe where he works, however.  It is also a classroom, print shop, and library.

Such a space is needed for Rodriguez, who is a multidisciplinary artist in painting, collage, papermaking, photography, graphic design, and all types of printmaking, including letterpress, monotype, woodblock, etching, and more. Additionally, his studio is able to accommodate multiple artists and students in his studio, some who come to learn everything from classical drawing techniques to classical Spanish paper marbling, and others who pay a monthly fee to work their craft in a shared environment and use the various printing presses. Rodriguez enjoys the communal aspect of artists working together as opposed to the individual isolated artist, and professes “art is cheaper than therapy” and therefore pays for itself. And sharing what he knows appears to be on of his core principles, as he believes, “If you know something, you must share that something, especially in art.”