Villafaña, Marcy Ann


Marcy Ann Villafana  currently resides north of Austin, Texas in Cedar Park.
Currently she is enjoying a rebirth of her creative outlets. Marcy is exploring an old love for drawing through anatomical studies of bone and muscle and perfecting the quality of her paper art which is now driving the exploration into the three-dimensional area.

Inspired by the works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Manet, Salvador Dali, Mucha, and Patrick Nagel, she derived her own style through her love of cutting paper.  Unlike other artists, who paint and draw (which she does as well), she finds her satisfaction in the precision of cutting the papers with a plain old Exacto knife. She developed this style as a teenager as a result of her near-sightedness.

Her work is mostly of the feminine form. She sees the beauty in the light and dark spaces of the figure and joy expressing it through color and or texture.

In her admiration of real women: mothers, athletes, home-makers, dancers, famous or not, women with uplifting attitudes, strong-minded, caring, nurturing — with good will, Marcy strives to create masterful pieces to express their inner beauty, goddess, and spirit within. -the woman today. Radiant Beauty Captivates…

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