As a resident of Houston and New York I spend a great deal of time going back and forth. As my husband and I are spending more time in Houston I am looking forward to getting more involved in the Houston art community. Working with VAA will get me in […]

Bodzy, Lesley

I just joined VAA and I’m hoping to get more involved in Houston’s art world, since I moved to a small town with very little art appreciation. So I look forward to meeting everyone at my first meeting and see a room full of like minded people.

Haden, Joe

I just became a member with VAA this summer. I am an introvert by nature and I am trying to get more involved in other facets of the art world and to meet more liked minded individuals. My first experience with VAA was going to the Sketch Social at the […]

Pierson, Victoria

Learn from other artists, and shere my works with other artists.

Long, ChunYi

I am impressed with the Boards proactive and creative efforts in acquiring experiences, venues and jurors. I can’t think of another arts group in Houston that equals VAA.

Ruffin, Janet

I wanted people looking at my art so I searched and one day I was talking with a curator in Houston museum and she advised me to join VAA, hopefully it will be my chance to suceed and show my art often in exhibitions and events.

Sjahsam, Zineb