Ingram, Cedric

Artist Portrait Pic

I love having my mind taken away, no matter which senses take me…a typical saying of a daydreamer.  From seeing sites on vacation, to smelling some fragrance sparking a memory, to tasting that perfectly cooked steak, or hearing John Coltrane create that mellow mood, these are the experiences that stimulate my mind. The objective of my work is to artistically trigger the senses to create a sensation and give an experience.

 Set on subtle joys, my art reflects everyday life.  A lot of times we are so set on grandeur and lose site of what is real.  I would be the first to tell you that I am a simple man, yet detailed.  In fact, my wife will agree and say that I am very “particular”…even with the smallest things.  And yes, that also makes me complicated at times.  However, that is exactly what I put into the style and execution of my art.  Realism and detail are my staple.  It is in my make up to try to bring my subjects to life.

That ideology of simple with detail is why I choose to use oil pastels as my main medium.  

Ingram_Cedric_Breakfast at Lucky's_Oil Pastels Ingram_Cedric_Shaboomdiop_Oil Pastels Ingram_Cedric_Storm's Coming_Oil Pastels Ingram_Cedric_View from the Garden_Oil Pastels Ingram_Cedric_Temptation_Oil Pastels

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