Palmer, Annette


I’m originally from Scotland and it all began when I was a little girl, my Dad, who was an architect, used to let me carefully colour in parts of the plans he used to draw.    After many years of loving all things creative I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in the late 1980’s with a BA Hons in Art and Design.  My major was in fashion and for a number of years I worked in the fashion industry, eventually establishing my own label in the Far East.    Moving to Texas in 2006 I rekindled my love of drawing and painting and continued further studies of figurative art and have developed my drawing and design background to create paintings in various subjects.   I’m inspired by relationships, connections and emotions, and I love reflective and metallic surfaces.    As well as co-ordinating the Hubbell and Hudson & Eight group of artists I am also an exhibiting artist at St Lukes Hospital and The Hyatt Hotel in The Woodlands, Texas.

Palmer_Annette_ADayLikeToday_mixedmedia Palmer_Annette_SoftlyFalling_mixedmedia Palmer_Annette_FindingHope_mixedmedia Palmer_Annette_HereComesTheSun_mixedmedia Palmer_Annette_LoveThisDay_mixedmedia

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