Outlaw, Keddy Ann

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After retiring from Harris County Public Library, I began practicing collage almost daily, having loved the art form since I was first introduced to it as a teenager. In 2010, I won a cash award from the National Collage Society during their annual juried show. Caladan Gallery awarded me with an online solo show featuring my “Altarpiece” collages during the summer of 2011. My work has appeared in shows throughout Texas, and is sold at the Jung Center and Lucia’s Garden in Houston. On the internet, look for my work at Saatchi Gallery. In collage, anything is possible. Because collage is multilayered and complex, it has the potential to portray states of paradox and beauty as well as chaos. There is pure poetry in collage and thus my imagination goes wild. I feel free to roam through all the world’s contents and rearrange them. In the end result, the images are rebalanced until I feel I have achieved a satisfying wholeness.

New York, New York - collage - Keddy Ann Outlaw In Grateful Measure - collage - Keddy Ann Outlaw Midway - Collage Assemblage on wood - Keddy Ann Outlaw ESP - Collage on Paper - Keddy Ann Outlaw Grace Notes - collage - Keddy Ann Outlaw

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