MacKay Quinn, Rennie

MacKay Quinn_ Rennie

For me painting is all about music. I spent years learning to play the notes just the way they were written. But what I wanted was to let go of the notes, to let the music flow and emerge like blues and jazz seem to do. Childhood teachers in both music and art insisted that I follow the rules. But that never worked for me. So I turned to other things.
Finally, in my sixth decade, the itch in my fingers led me to canvas and paint, color, light, and form, freedom, adventure, and experimentation. And I discovered that abstract expressionism was my jazz improvisation, my way of singing the blues.
The music, all kinds of music, is in my head, and it comes out through my fingers. It drives me,  inspires me, leads me to what ultimately shows up in my paintings. Dreams, secrets, impressions, deep feelings, mysteries, a sense of time and place – all may inhabit my paintings. But I don’t paint what I see. I paint what I hear.

MacKay Quinn_Rennie_Things Fall Apart_ Acrylic MacKay Quinn_Rennie_Transit of the Dark Sun_Liquified Acrylic MacKay Quinn_Rennie_The Phantom's Cave_Acrylic MacKay Quinn_Rennie_Secrets of the Lake_Acrylic MacKay Quinn_Rennie_Passing Thoughts_Liquified Acrylic

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