Perlaky, Laszlo


Nature is my Friend. I communicate with it by understanding the Light throughout my fine art photography. Keeping this communication alive, I always search for the light. I am on location way before dawn, waiting for the first light, and then when the light changes after or at sunrise or sunset waiting for the magic of afterglow. These are special moments visible only for a few minutes, before the light changes and turns too harsh or disappear. When I set up my old fashion large format film camera, I am completely alone with my upside down reversed image on the ground glass, and when I photograph that moment from my heart, I feel the communication between my Friend and me. I imagine and observe the secrets, change to photography, which is an expression of the world we live in and of what we see and experience. In all aspects of our natural environments, I see, observe and feel the invisible. All of my images capture special moments of invisible and translate to a visual experience by seeing the Light. My fine art photography represents a new direction in perceiving and protecting nature and challenges the viewer to feel the invisible.

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