Crump, Terry

portrait-Cramp, Terry

Over the years, I have experimented with many styles and media. None have been more satisfying than the way I presently paint. I paint mostly in acrylics now because I find that medium to be the most suitable to my painting process. I like to be able to make changes quickly to make marks and to make new ones as ideas present themselves.

My work is looser than ever and more direct and spontaneous. I like the idea of drawing with paint, keeping things simple without belaboring images. I like to push my paintings to the edge of pure abstraction without giving up a sense of subject, a connection to life outside the painting.

Lately I have become enamored with the notion that less is more. How can I create a strong visual impact with the fewest marks? Occasionally, I explore other paths appearing from the work that intrigue me, then, I’m back on the main road.  Subject matter is varied and evolving. Only the viewer can tell me of any successes I may have. I will continue in this vain and follow my instincts wherever that may lead.


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