Sprecher, Lou

Lou Sprecher_portrait


My inspiration and creativity comes from various experiences; worldwide travel and sports. My work shows simple and complex styles to evoke emotional response from the viewer.

My artwork began as a hobby, and after running out of wall space in my home I moved several pieces to my office, where colleagues began to purchase some pieces and I received my first commission piece.

The American Southwest and countries in Europe, Asia and South America have influenced my work, which has been described as abstract and impressionist.

My subject matter covers a wide range, which allows me to express each piece differently, from sea-city-landscapes to figurative impressionism.

In addition to my travel, inspiration also comes from outdoor activities, such as canoeing, vertical rock climbing, sailboat racing and golf.

In addition to the US, my work has been collected by individuals from Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, and Seoul.

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