Reeder, Cary

Cary Reeder

Artist Bio
Cary Reeder is a Houston-based artist whose paintings focus on the urban landscape. She can usually be found driving around her historic neighborhood taking pictures of interesting scenes to depict, and because of this, is often mistaken for a tax assessor. She has studied at the Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts-Houston since 2006, and earned a certificate in Commercial Art in the early 80s before Photoshop and computer-aided graphics were invented.

Artist Statement
I am drawn to the old, the worn, the creaky. I find inspiration looking down an alley, walking out back to my garage, and peering over a fence. The secretive, serendipidous and mundane worlds we inhabit never cease to fascinate me. My subject matter focuses on the built environment and I have a particular interest in 1920s wood frame houses. My desire is to create a mood and atmosphere with each painting and to transport the viewer into a world of their own creation.


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