Hilley, Joy


“Beauty will save the world,” penned by Fyodor Dostoevsky, best expresses my sense of purpose—to create visual art and sacred spaces that help restore beauty to the world.  I have been creating art and seeking beauty all my life. For most of my art career, I worked commercially as a graphic artist and explored other visual art forms on the side. Although I still take on graphic design projects, the current focus of my visual art is painting.  My primary medium is chalk paint. Although rarely used for fine art, chalk paint enables me to create many thin layers to gain depth and texture. I love to explore the interplay between color, light, texture, and shape—often choosing the shimmer created by gold metal leaf and metallic acrylic accents. Remnants of my graphic design work can be detected in the shapes and patterns. The majority of my paintings are abstract—to spark the viewer’s own imagination, invite conversation, and embrace mystery. My studio gallery is in The Silos at Sawyer Yards, Studio 226.

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