Toombs, Rachel

My work is painting, collecting, scavenging and meditating; bringing fragments of everyday life, in thought and physical form, together to create a unified whole. I am currently working with  heavy elements of collage in my recent 2D and 3D work. When I am scavenging and collecting, I gravitate toward fibers, textiles, paint, and trinkets. When I choose color, I use a very intuitive process, which can result in a quiet conversation or create a little resistance in the piece. My work is currently in conversation with the untold stories and worlds that existed in our heart-mind. I create works that draw on the energetics of many stories, the point where they intersect, and the space in between. Bringing together objects, items, thoughts and memories, I can create a sturdy base to begin to process and heal the way I interact with the world; ways that have been ingrained across generations.   Our humanity is often in question. Human suffering is very vast. Visual processing and healing helps maintain our humanity.  Visual processing can transmute negative thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Visual processing and healing can help you establish your non-negotiables for life, moving forward.  This is how we begin to heal.

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