Hunter, Bill

My literal engineering mind makes creating art exceedingly frustrating for me at times. But occasionally creating art can be magical when my ego recedes and the unexpected happens. I keep doing art to have more of these “flow” moments.  
My only formal training consists of several design and drawing classes at Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, over 20 years ago. In the last few years I resumed drawing, and plan on doing more now that I am semi-retired.  
My subjects are often landscapes, but sometimes cities, and are based on my photography. I often experience awe in beautiful places and recreating those places in my artwork is a way to remember that feeling, and if possible, create more of those “flow” moments.  
My media is soft pastels on Pastelmat, which produces a smooth and rich, almost paint-like look.  
I am very much a beginner and continue to experiment with my approach and my technique. I hope to learn and grow from my association with VAA.

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