PintoSouza, Silvia

It is not unusual for artists to find it difficult to use words to describe their work, for art is a communication puzzle we are constantly trying to solve. But words and images complement each other, and in spite of their constant rivalry, images and letters are really blood relatives; they come from the same source. I am an artist who believes in giving pleasure to the senses with the sight of an image that brings joy and comfort to the soul. I paint images of which the color, light and shape have impressed me the most. I paint what I love, what makes my senses vibrate, no matter how complex or how simple the subject matter is: It can be a landscape, a roof, a plant, a leaf, a flower, a fruit, a kid, a pet, or whatever brings in me the sheer urge for aesthetic expression. In other words, purely visual stimulation which I feel impelled to express and materialize on canvas. I’d like to be thought of as an artist whose work is pleasurable to watch. In other words, if I can brighten the viewer’s heart, then I have accomplished my goal.

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