Lang, Jiashan

My name is Jiashan Lang, an artist and have been creating dough figurines since childhood.  It is my passion, a natural part of who I am.  The figurines started during the Song Dynasty over 1000 years ago.  My grandfather, Lang Shao’an, is the one who has brought this art back to life.  It has been a family heirloom since then.  My father and grandfather dedicated their lives to promoting intangible cultural heritage, and now I aim to do the same.  My purpose is to promote cultural heritage around the world.  I am on a mission to introduce this beautiful art to everyone; it carries so much history, and is too beautiful to be lost.  The figurines represent different people and different scenes.  All of which are based on historical events, displaying individual people’s lives in ancient times, or based on ancient Chinese literature. They preserve history and lore passed down through the ages.

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