Zunker, Dee




While I have always been “the one with the camera”, I did not start “making” images until 2009. During extended travel away from my family, I began teaching myself photography by scouring the internet, studying books, attending seminars, and taking many, many photos.   I am trained in engineering and finance, and while I have gravitated to the more creative areas of the engineering field, I have found photography necessary to fulfill my desire to create while exploring my environment.  My subjects are varied, but tend to include strong lines, contrast, and lots of texture. While I have many images in color, my favorites usually end up in in black and white. I enjoy the urban environment whether it is architecture, decay, or street photography. I will take a landscape picture if there is something falling apart in the foreground, and I cannot pass up a lone soul in a moody environment. I also shoot commercial architecture, 360 imagery for virtual reality, and kids sports.  I have been active in the Houston Photographic Society since 2010, a member of the Houston Center for Photography since 2011, and a member of the Visual Arts Alliance since 2013.

Greek Sandwich Vendor Y Mirror on Main Hip


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