I   became a member of VAA, in order  to promote my  Art to  public.  And be Known to the   World.

Bayda Benois, Gregory

I am a new member of VAA. A learning atmosphere like VAA would allow me to enhance my skills to a further level. This organization will give me an opportunity to meet artists who carry different cultures.

Khowaja, Urooj

I have truly enjoyed the professional development and networking opportunities offered by VAA.  I highly recommend the third Monday critique – a great way to meet fellow artists and get feedback on work in progress.


I have been a member for a short period of time and am enjoying the interactions with so many talented artists. The organization has given me an opportunity to network, learn from the different programs and become involved with a vibrant community through volunteering.

Giordano, Denise

As a member of VAA I and excited about becoming more involved the Houston art community and meeting other visual artists.

Bunten-Schloesser, Brenda J.

I joined the VAA to have the opportunity to meet new artists and collectors. I hope to expand my presence in the art world and have an mutually beneficial relationship with VAA. At some point I would love to be a part of the workshops, potentially passing my knowledge of […]

Murley, Crystal J