King, Jodie


I am an abstract painter who often partners with vintage photography to tell stories within my paintings. Through the use of bold color, several layers of resin, and other forms of mixed media, I create many layers on the canvas, which creates depth within the painting and reflects back the many layers of our lives.

Whether the painting is pure abstract or infused with vintage photography, my work tells stories about our journey back to our true, authentic selves. My journey, as for many, has been bumpy and tragic at times, but magical, shiny and redemptive as well. Why waste all the great lessons a life like this can give on just lil ol’ me? These hard-won lessons reveal themselves in my work in unexpected ways. I use these lessons as a catalyst to create art that encourages all of us to stand unapologetically in our own truth.

Soardubrock WeAreAllConnected TB TruthTellin'dubrock SheStandsin Strength TB No Limits-

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