Magouirk, Heather


I am a self taught artist / photographer from Houston, Tx. I like to work using many different mediums and techniques.  I create paintings, illustrations, conceptual and experimental works, and digital art. In my photography, I like to capture nature, macro, night, and abstract shots.  However, as with all of my art, I have a very open minded, creative approach.  I believe that there is not a set way to capture a moment or idea, but that you can find the feeling you’d like to portray, and create the photo around it. I like to go beyond preconceived ideas on appearances to show how interesting and beautiful any surroundings can be.  I love to experiment with techniques and materials, so for me, it keeps the process fresh and intriguing. When I create, I tend to focus on what I am feeling and let the materials do the speaking.  I also enjoy writing poetry and philosophical musings, making music, and experiencing art/performances of all kinds.  I believe that when you are true to yourself, you will find purpose in what you do, and it will show in your work.  You will find an appreciation for the light and the dark.

Magouirk_Heather_Pulse_Mixed Media Magouirk_Heather_Memoire_Mixed Media Magouirk_Heather_Summer's Story_ Acrylic Magouirk_Heather_Universe_Mixed Media Magouirk_Heather_Flow and Ebb_Acrylic

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