McInnis, Dion


“A photographer since six, a writer since 12 and a poet since birth” is how I describe who I truly am.  Those forms of expression and influences transcend everything that I do. I’ve taught (or currently teach) and/or presented at Houston Center for Photography, Jung Center of Houston, University of West Bohemia (Plzen, Czech Republic), Women in Visual and Literary Arts, Houston Photography Study Group, Houston Photographic Society and many more.  Exhibited?  Yes.  Published?  Yes.  I am currently working on my 13th book, and all but three have been photography based.  The others have been about listening to life (Listen to Life:  Wisdom in Life’s Stories) or fatherhood (Daddin’:  The Verb of Being a Dad) or empowered creativity (this book is due Fall 2016). A former student once observed, “You really love light, don’t you?” and I believe that is true, which is good for a light-drawer (photographer).  I love this stuff!  My audiences and students feel it. I also teach writing programs, but since this is a visual arts organization…   However, I often combine words and images in my work, presentations or exhibitions. My portraits of women are empowering and thoughtful; my views of life and beauty, thought provoking.

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