Basu, Saptaswa


I paint in acrylic on canvas to create abstract realist landscapes and portraits. Sometimes, I use sable haired brushes, at others – palette knives. My work is inspired from own travels and living abroad for the majority of life. I have borrowed colors from Latin America, forms from the Orient and techniques from Europe. I reconcile with my own memories and find peace in the modern chaotic world with a brush on canvas. My work, at times, borders closely on abstraction, at other on realism – but always communicates very profoundly. They speak at an emotional and intellectual level to the viewer. For example, the Apu Series takes back the viewer to the innocence of their childhood, whereas the Dervishes makes one wish for tranquility in a constantly moving world. I take form and color very seriously – and they are chosen very carefully in each piece – and speak very distinctly to its directed audience.

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