De David, Shala



Akin to the proverbial cat, Shala’s life as an artist is the seventh of a succession to none similar. She obtained, in Oklahoma University then UCLA, degrees in Mathematics, Science, Cardiopulmonary, and International Relations, and then graduated in Art from University of La Sorbonne in Paris. With these diverse skills for main luggage, she set sails for the world, zigzagging throughout America, Asia, Africa, Middle East and the European Union, while working and learning seven languages. On her nomad ways, she contributed everywhere possible, any way that would work. She helped set up high-tech hospitals in the Middle East, small clinics and carpet factories in remote Kurdish areas with Cap Anamur organization, served as institutional relations officer with UNHCR, as a communication officer in various countries. She became the first woman to stay overnight in offshore oil installations in the Middle East, and, as a journalist, dared into disturbed areas from where her photographs were published in various magazines. She found her artist vocation in the natural wonders of Venezuela and the United States. She now translates her fascination for the cultures and arts of the world, fed over a lifetime of nomadic and exploratory endeavors, on the canvas.


De David Shala The Crevice Acrylic on Canvas De David Shala Revolucion ! Acrylic on Canvas De David Shala Orchid Acrylic on Canvas De David Shala Peacok Acrylic on Canvas De David Shala Amazon Forest Acrylic on Canvas

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