Chen, Kim T.


Kim Chen was born on March 12, 1956 at Taipei, Taiwan.  I started taking classes on and off at Glassell Art School since 2003.

Due to my previous career as a computer programmer, staring at the computer for long time everyday was inevitable.  Closing my eyes to rest from time to time was an professional habit.  Unexpected discoveries, the after images, from this habit became a source of my painting subjects.  Not only the interesting movements and the changes of colors of the after images were intriguing, they totally changed my approach of color choices.  Like many artists who are into describing movement, I am interested in describing movements of lights.  The movement of after images can be instant or slowly sliding across spectrum of eyes.  It is like watch a replay of a movie with a twist of colors.  I have been working on the paintings of after images and movement of light a while and wish to continuing this kind of works.

I also like to do black-on-black drawings with limited colors.  I like  the power of subtle value changes.  Most of my black-on-black drawing are on highway experiences and portraits.

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