Frankio, Leticia


Many people would look at my art and try to classify it into a certain category. This got me to thinking of how I could describe my style.  My style can be described as real whimfansical. This description comes from the fact that my art is a combination of three styles. It is whimsical, mixed with fantasy and realism. After thinking about this combination I came up with the name real whimfansical, pronounced (whim-fans-ical). The name includes all three elements: whimsical, fantasy, and realism to produce whimfansical. I know this is a little difficult to remember so I use the abbreviation RWF art.

I love being an artist. Art is not only something that I do it’s my best friend.  If you take care of it, it will take care of you in the future. It’s a friendship that I try to build every day of my life.

In 2013, the beautiful idea of whimfansical art was birthed. These are characters filled with stories and imagination.

Frankio_Leticia_Freedom_Acrylic Frankio_Leticia_In a Tight Spot_Acrylic Frankio_Leticia_Once Upon a Time_Acrylic Frankio_Leticia_The Protected One_Acrylic Frankio_Leticia_The Wanderer_Acrylic


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