Brown, T. R.


At a young age, I was exposed to many facets of cultural hardship, and division embedded into culture. I saw separation created by racial tension, poverty, and addiction causing cyclical effects in the lives of individuals I knew, and how they spread to our national social climate. I hope to be an agent for these important matters to rise to the surface and be approachable and questionable to the viewer.

As an artist, I am currently invested in research and production of work that explores the cause and effect cycles that affect modern culture and everyday life, situations that are complex in nature and in understanding. Through my sculptural and wall hanging ceramic work, I hope to provoke conversation and insight individually, and collectively to the viewers.

Brown_Taylor_Rite of passage_CeramicBrown_Taylor_Dreaming under a heavy sky_CeramicBrown_Taylor_Estranged_Ceramic, found woodBrown_Taylor_One in the same_Ceramic, steel, wire, mirrorBrown_Taylor_Interior, Exterior_ Ceramic

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