Gordon, Tiffany



I create “conceptual clothing” that holds a visual memory of a specific time period and person in history.  My goal is to capture a single moment in history, and the feelings of the individual who experienced those events. My clothing deals directly with the human body, and my love of the corset.  I strive to combine my expertise in papermaking and metalworking to harmoniously create art that is visually intriguing, harmonious, narrative, and wearable.

In this group of work I am influenced by Marie Antoinette and the time period leading up to and during the French Revolution. The clothing I create is a modern rendition with historical references; each piece incorporates elements of the architecture of Versailles, providing another link to the life of Marie Antoinette.  Influenced by the motifs, architecture, décor, and above all, the exquisite detail of Versailles, I seek to bring rococo styles into theses works.

To paraphrase John Berger, the author of Ways of Seeing, the female is always aware of her every action and how it will reflect upon her.  Berger perfectly captures the struggles of Marie Antoinette, which I attempt to chronicle through this body of work.


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