Marin, Cris


Two BA-s in Architecture (Romania and France), 15 years of practice in four countries, all that for what? Since 2007 I’ve been making images full time, in 2013 got a MA in Fine Arts in Brighton UK and landed in Houston right after. Architects are first conditioned viewing a world of solids in space where more subtle hierarchies can open richer visual territories.

My images are about the human figure, head first.
I’m interested in the disruption of recognition so representation can come back to life.
I’m working on distancing my makings from the Surrealist techniques of collage decontextualization (to which I owe a massive debt).

Abstract is a name for things not yet assumed and recognized. I am not there yet, and might never get there; but the seek of a de-represented figurative assures at least great company: Klee, de Kooning, Bacon, to name a few.

Marin.Cris_Fed in and up_mixmedia on paper_32x22Marin.Cris_The Undoing_mixmedia on paper_30x22'Marin.Cris_Sleep Trip Trap_mixmedia on paper_32x22'Marin.Cris_Mould Void_linocut print_12x12'Marin.Cris_Hammair_digital photo-montage

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